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Evolver Enhances Litigation Support and Information Management Solutions with Equivio Technology

Reston, VA – Evolver, Inc., announced today that it has adopted Equivio’s technology for near-duplicates and email threads. The technology will be used to enhance Evolver’s litigation support and information management solutions for its growing base of government and commercial customers.


Evolver provides comprehensive e-discovery solutions to law firms, government and corporate legal clients. Evolver also offers Information Management services that enable government agencies to more efficiently ingest, process, store, and access documents and data in a secure environment. In both these scenarios, the Equivio technology will help Evolver streamline time-sensitive business processes by eliminating data redundancy.


“Our clients depend on us for the technologies and services that help them reduce the costs and complexity associated with the management of ever-increasing ESI volumes,” David Hayes, Vice President of Evolver. “By using Equivio’s technology for near-duplicate detection and email thread analysis, we are able to offer our government and corporate clients more cost-effective solutions for managing information workflows and responding to e-discovery requests.”


In electronic discovery scenarios, the grouping of near-duplicates and email threads allows attorneys to skip redundant data, while focusing exclusively on the unique information in each document. The Equivio groupings also ensure similar documents are treated consistently. In data management scenarios, Equivio enables Evolver to introduce an additional layer of structure and organization to customers’ data repositories, which will increase employee productivity and quality by helping them access the data they need, more quickly.


“As a leading solution provider for federal agencies, Evolver is committed to leveraging innovative technologies to improve productivity and price performance in large-scale information management and e-discovery projects,” said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. “By using Equivio’s proven technology for near-duplicates and email threads, Evolver will be able to streamline workflows and significantly reduce its clients’ document management and processing costs.


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