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Evolver Cyber Executives to Speak at ACT-IAC Healthcare Cyber Forum

Focusing on the critical area of cybersecurity as it relates to healthcare, ACT-IAC hosts 2017 Cybersecurity Forum: Prescription for Healthcare Cyber.



Speakers will discuss challenges and barriers the health care industry encounters when securing itself against cyber-attacks.


Greater understanding and guidance are needed to help the healthcare industry bolster information security and reduce their organization’s footprint to cyber threats. In reality, cybersecurity is an enterprise-wide risk management issue that needs to be addressed from a strategic, cross-sector, supply chain, and economic perspective.


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Chris Wlaschin ACT IAC Healthcare Cyber Forum
Keynote speaker: Chris Wlaschin, Executive Director and Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Health and Human Services

The keynote speaker for the forum is Christopher WlaschinExecutive Director and Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Health and Human Services.




During the half day cybersecurity forum, there will be three panel discussions:



Civilian Healthcare Panel – Expansion and enhancement of threat sharing information in regards to Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA)


Defense Healthcare Panel – What practices has DoD applied to transfer patients between Defense Health and Commercial Health facilities?


Commercial Healthcare Panel – How government is working with healthcare providers to address the numerous risks associated with Medical Devices and IoT?


Executives with direct experience in each of these areas listed above will discuss how they have implemented strategies and safeguards to address evolving cybersecurity threats.


Additionally, the panel will explore technology barriers and gaps required to effectively share information and threat intelligence across healthcare sectors.


Read the entire Cybersecurity Forum Agenda

Evolver Cyber Executives to Participate on Panels



Chip Block Evolver
Chip Block, Vice President Evolver

Two of Evolver’s Vice Presidents, Chip Block and Dr. Tim Rudolph, will participate in the panel discussions. Both Chip and Tim have extensive experience in the areas of cybersecurity, especially as it relates to healthcare and medical device Internet of Things.






Dr. Tim Rudolph, VP Cybersecurity, Evolver, Inc.
Dr. Tim Rudolph, VP Cybersecurity, Evolver, Inc.

Chip will speak on the Commercial Healthcare panel and Tim, former Air Force Senior Technical Advisor, Integrated Information Capabilities and CTO of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, will speak on the Defense Healthcare panel. [Read our Whitepaper on Medical Device IoT]







Read bios on all the speakers



ACT-IAC Healthcare Cyber Forum 2017


Prescription for Healthcare Cybersecurity



Thursday, May 4, 2017

Renaissance Washington

Washington, DC.


For more information and to register, click here.



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