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Evolver partners with Vidsys to offer converged security to clients

Converged security provides holistic approach to risk management



The concept of converged security is relatively new to the cyber landscape.  This approach combines two historically distinct functions (physical security and information security) within the organization.  The implementation of converged security is key to a comprehensive risk management program.  Chip Block, Vice President of Evolver commented, “There are two very strong reasons for the increase in interest in converged security:  the growth of Internet of Things devices and the move from confidentiality attacks to availability attacks.”


The partnership with Vidsys enables Evolver’s client base to approach security in a more holistic manner because we add physical security to our cybersecurity offerings.  The Vidsys software integrates with video, sensor, IoT device, and social media data through a custom API-enabled platform.


This approach enhances Evolver’s managed security service provider (MSSP) offering by providing extended capabilities for its clients. Current Vidsys clients will also benefit from Evolver solutions and information technology services through anticipating, preparing for, and managing changes that impact organizational security.


Read the full release on the Vidsys partnership

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