ACEDS webinar proportionality Judge Waxse

Webinar: A Conversation with Judge Waxse on Proportionality


Evolver, Inc. and ACEDS are hosting a webinar on one of the hottest topics in litigation this decade:

proportionality, especially how it is being addressed after the FRCP amendments in 2015.

Included in the panel discussion are:


The Hon. Judge David Waxse
Mimi Singh, Esq., Associate General Counsel & Director of eDiscovery at Evolver
Ignatius Grande, Senior Discovery Attorney at Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
Mary Mack, ACEDS Executive Director


Bruce Markowitz, VP eDiscovery, Evolver said, “We are thrilled Judge Waxse will join the discussion on proportionality. As a thought leader in this area of law he is an insightful legal scholar, teacher, and leader in our legal community. Judge Waxse is open minded to new technology and new ideas to assure an equal balance for all parties.”


Bruce continued, “We selected Mimi Singh, Associate General Counsel of Evolver Inc., to participate on this panel about proportionality. Her experience in this area includes eDiscovery strategic design and implementation counseling support through all stages of the EDRM including negotiation of ESI protocols, setting up and managing large-scale document reviews and productions, and addressing challenges associated with native productions.”


Mimi added, “Ignatius is especially qualified to participate on this proportionality panel because of his success in fashioning eDiscovery solutions for the myriad matters at his firm, and his active involvement in the legal industry speaking on the challenges posed by eDiscovery generally, and ongoing issues presented by social media, eDiscovery and compliance, data privacy and cybersecurity.”

ACEDS Webinar Judge Waxse on Proportionality


Since the topic of proportionality is so broad, the group will narrow the discussion to how proportionality is being addressed after the FRCP amendments in 2015.


Mary Mack will lead the panel through the questions below, as well as taking questions from the participants:

• How was proportionality addressed prior to the 2015 amendments?
• How is proportionality being addressed today as it relates to litigation spend and technology? (Emphasis on Review and Production end of the EDRM)
• What are judges seeing as allegations of (and resolutions for) burdensome, non-proportional discovery demands?


In addition to eDiscovery professionals, litigation support teams, and attorneys, this webinar welcomes magistrate judges and their executive administrative personnel. Attendees do not have to be a member of ACEDS to register.




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