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Application Services

Agile and nimble application development from dedicated experts

Evolver offers the full lifecycle of application development for clients in a variety of industries. Our dedicated software development IT support team builds mobile, collaboration, and customer service applications. Our experience includes building applications for project management, data collections and review, customer care, data management, and more.

Agile Software Development

Evolver has expertise in user support, business models, and maintenance and operations within a managed IT services environment to help organizations of all sizes from small commercial firms to large government agencies. We know how to maximize the business benefits of managed applications for our clients.


Evolver brings the expertise of DevOps to our own software development and in support of our customers’ development efforts. Our extensive experience in running large scale operations combined with our agile software development experience allows us to logically plan, segment, provision, and execute DevOps programs.

Office 365, Sharepoint, and Collaboration Solutions

Improve workflow, optimize processes, and reduce costs with Evolver’s collaboration solutions. We help our customers connect and collaborate internally and externally. We have experience with complete Sharepoint development and deployment and other collaborative environments.

Customer Service Applications

Evolver can build or modify existing applications that improve interactions with customers. For example, we have created applications that have greatly improved government and commercial operations.

Application Services

Our customer was having difficulty with their manual, antiquated capacity planning for services within their auto dealerships. They needed a new browser based software tool to analyze how many customers and cars they could service within their local
markets in comparison to their increasing local market sales.

Evolver built, hosted, and supported a predictive capacity planning tool that gathered data from dealerships and calculated the point at which a dealership would run out of capacity or begin losing service market customers due to facility, staffing, or scheduling limitations within the dealership.

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