ACT-IAC igniting innovation

Judge’s Panel for ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Award


Bob Bell, Program Director for Evolver Federal, will serve on the judge’s panel for ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Awards in Washington, DC.


act-iacACT-IAC’s Institute for Innovation recognizes highly innovative IT products, services, systems, and solutions that benefit government (federal, state, local and tribal) and citizens. The Showcase provides an educational forum to feature the “best of the best”. This year’s Showcase will be held on April 26, 2017.


A panel of roving judges are present during the event. The judges meet with each of the finalists during the event and select the innovation that best fits each of the following categories: impacter, game changer, transformer, and incubator.


Igniting Innovation is the premier annual event to showcase innovations to improve services to citizens and government operations and recognize the best innovations with awards. It is designed to recognize the best ideas and solutions to solve important problems and showcase those ideas and successes. Last year, there were over 140 submissions and nearly 400 people attended the event, helping spread best-practices to other professionals across government, at the federal, state and local level, and industry. The award winners received significant community and media exposure.


The work of the Institute for Innovation is made possible through the support of partners from non-profit and for-profit companies; Evolver is among the partners. Thought leaders from these partners, representatives of the ACT-IAC leadership team, and liaisons from government guide and govern the Institute.


Click here for more information about the ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Award.


Evolver is a proud corporate sponsor of ACT-IAC and actively participates and speaks at its conferences and forums.