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Bruce S. Markowitz to Speak about Privacy Shield and GDPR

Bruce Markowitz Privacy Shield

At the Master’s Conference for Legal Professionals:  The new world of the EU/US Privacy Shield and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)



Bruce S. Markowitz, VP of eDiscovery for Evolver is speaking on a panel at the Master’s Conference for Legal Professionals: Cyber, Data Privacy and eDiscovery…It’s an Empire State of Mind. The one-day conference, held in New York City on Tuesday, July 25th, is a forum that brings together legal professionals and attorneys.  Together, this group will discuss the latest on eDiscovery, Cybersecurity, GDPR/Privacy Shield, and Information Management.



Bruce will provide his expertise and insight on the panel: The new world of the EU/US Privacy Shield and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).   “I’m looking forward to participating in this discussion on Privacy Shield and the GDPR because it is critical for companies to identify, inventory, and track sensitive data while meeting the day to day functions of the organization,” he said.



Evolver Inc and Privacy Shield FrameworkBruce and Evolver have a depth of experience surrounding Privacy Shield and the GDPR as data security and the transfer of data is of our utmost concern. Evolver’s clientele include Fortune 100 financial firms, healthcare organizations, federal and local agencies, automotive organizations and more, all of whom benefit from Evolver’s astute ability to transfer, process, produce, and destroy terabytes of data safely and securely.



Bruce is certified in Information Governance and Records Management and has been working with international clients on the transfer of data for over thirty years. In addition, Evolver was Safe Harbor certified for many years; now complies with Privacy Shield; and is also an ISO certified organization.   Very few eDiscovery vendors are able to meet the rigid Privacy Shield standards.


“One reason Evolver complies with the stringent Privacy Shield standards is due to the nature of our clients’ highly sensitive data,” said Bruce.


About Privacy Shield


There are only 2,316 organizations in the United States that are covered by Privacy Shield. There are some specific steps and work flows that you must follow and document, unlike SafeHarbor where you filed some paperwork and you were certified.  Now organizations have to prepare documentation, follow a prescribed workflow, and prepare for an audit.


The benefit to the client is that they know the data is going to be secure. Also, the client knows that Privacy Shield compliant companies follow a protocol on how the data is identified, collected, transferred, processed, and disposed of.

Master’s Conference for Legal Professionals


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The New Yorker Hotel

Panel: The new world of the EU/US Privacy Shield and the GDPR

11:00a.m. – 12:00noon

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Panel Overview:

The GDPR applies to all companies in the EU, or doing business in the EU, and is generally an in-house concept. All parties should be aware of both Privacy Shield and GDPR. This panel will cover how they cross over and what tools and strategies will help navigate Privacy Shield and GDPR during the time of transition and flux.


Overview of the current legal environment concerning data privacy/security in Europe


  • History: Rise of Safe Harbor (2000) & EU Data Protection, DPAs
  • Post Safe Harbor: Schrems, GDPR, Privacy Shield
  • Snowden, Schrems, Patriot Act
  • Impact of Brexit: Transfer of data to/from UK



Gail L. Gottehrer, Partner – Akerman
Bruce S. Markowitz: VP, eDiscovery at Evolver
Amie Taal: Vice President at Deutsche Bank
Jennifer Mailander, Esq: AGC & Director, Compliance & Privacy at CSC
Debbie Reynolds: Director at Eimer Stahl Discovery Solutions, LLC

masters conference privacy shield and gdpr

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