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Case Study: Multi-factor authentication using RSA SecurID Access


Added security for users = improved protection to client data and systems with multi-factor authentication using RSA SecurID


The financial sector has been in the spotlight as of late as new cyber regulation has been passed and more regulation seems to be on the horizon.  The reason for the added emphasis on cybersecurity for the financial sector is that the consumer data is so sensitive, and well, it all has to do with money.  All financial institutions face these regulation and threats, and an Evolver client in this sector benefited from a cybersecurity implementation of multi-factor authentication.


While it’s impossible to have a one-size fits all cybersecurity program, certain elements apply across the board, and across all sectors. Many people talk about the importance of multi-factor authentication because it greatly improves cyber posture.  However, it is often seen as a hindrance to users because of a perceived added step.  Having a system like RSA SecurID that integrates with what is on premises is key for training, adoption, and successful implementation.

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RSA SecureID Access Multi-factor Authentication

The Cybersecurity Problem


The client wanted to further secure access to corporate assets and:

»» Prevent the use of shared credentials, particularly elevated administrative credentials utilized by vendor personnel.
»» Create a countermeasure to negate the impact of a stolen credential caused by a malicious attack.
»» Deliver a method of secure access to all internal applications via a web-based portal. This must be accessible from anywhere in the world but not through VPN.



The solution Evolver recommended and implemented was to use RSA SecurID Access.  This multi-factor authentication application was able to deliver secure and convenient access for any user, from anywhere, to anything.

The RSA SecurID Access product provides the benefits and functionality of RSA Authentication Manager and the Cloud Authentication Service combined into one product.


Some features include:

  • the ability to select from a variety of authentication methods (mobile-optimized push notification, fingerprint verification, EyePrint ID, or standards-based FIDO tokens)


  • more ways to connect, like by policy-driven secure access and single sign-on to the leading web and SaaS applications through SAML, reverse proxy or password vaulting


  • flexibility to use existing RSA SecurID tokens to protect the cloud, use the RSA SecurID Authenticate app with traditional on-premises resources like VPNs, or mix-and-match to meet unique requirements.

RSA SecurID Access Benefits to Client

  • Client now can provide a secure and convenient multi-factor authentication experience for their users.


  • Client is able to protect sensitive data and mission-critical systems.


  • Strengthened the login process by not only making it more complex, but also preventing the use of compromised credentials without the additional security step of possessing a security token.


  • Added an additional security layer to protect the company against phishing, social engineering, and password brute force attacks. Secured logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials.


  • Integrates with on-premise, web-based, and cloud-based applications.

Successful Implementation of RSA SecurID Access for Multi-factor Authentication




»» Leveraged RSA SecureID hardware and software tokens for two-factor authentication. These tokens allow users to have the option of authenticating with the help of an RSA smartphone app or the traditional hardware key fob.


»» Configured access policies to force all authentication to validate against an individual’s assigned key token. Access without a validated token key becomes denied, even if the password is correct.


»» Governed access using context sensitivity policies that look at application type and user permission attributes.


»» Automated logging, monitoring, and incident creation of unauthorized access and failed authentication attempts.


»» Integrated RSA SecureID Access into the customer’s web portal. This integration allows users to authenticate and connect to internal applications from anywhere in the world.

As their trusted information security and information technology provider, this financial services sector client turned to Evolver.  Evolver’s expertise in implementation of this multi-factor authentication greatly improved their cybersecurity posture.


Read more about the successful implementation of RSA SecurID Access in our full case study.

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