Case Study: Turnkey Solution for HIPAA and GDPR Compliance



American Diabetes Association (ADA)



ADA received its first federal grant, which required a reevaluation of its policies and procedures to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. ADA needed to revise current policies and procedures and create new ones to achieve this objective. Furthermore, ADA was required to put a mechanism in place that would monitor and audit these policies and procedures.


In addition to safeguarding members’ healthcare data (HIPAA), ADA was looking to become GDPR compliant to better protect its members’ personal data



Evolver, a technology company with expertise in information governance and policy management, and Argent, a software provider of monitoring solutions, came together to offer ADA a full turnkey solution to reach HIPAA and GDPR compliance

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Benefits to Client

»» Reached HIPAA and GDPR compliance


»» Achieved compliance more seamlessly and quickly because of Evolver and Argent’s turnkey solution


»» Avoided incurring hefty HIPAA and GDPR fines for noncompliance violations in the future


»» Assured that members’ healthcare data and personal data are better safeguarded through monitoring, auditing, and alerting of policies and procedures


Successful Project Highlights


» Assessed and updated ADA’s HIPAA and GDPR policies in conjunction with in-house counsel



» Reviewed and evaluated ADA’s IT infrastructure to ensure consistency and compliance with standard IT protocols and HIPAA and GDPR requirements



» Provided and configured an Argent software solution to monitor event logs and domain controls to report against various errors



» The Argent engine collects data, monitors for specific events, and sends alerts when not compliant. Examples of alerts include: admin rights, domain access, group policy management, file folder access, and more



» Prepared a communication plan for use in informing staff members of up-to-date policies and procedures, redesigned training processes, and reminders for conscious handling of sensitive patient data

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