national hispanic heritage month

We Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month


“Shaping the Bright Future of America”  |  National Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15  – October 15


The 2017 theme for National Hispanic Heritage Month was chosen by the National Council of Hispanic Employment Managers (NCHEPM). The theme invites us to reflect on Hispanic American’s vitality and meaningful legacy in our Nation’s cultural framework. It reflects the ideal that Hispanics help shape America through contributions to all aspects of our culture— the arts, sciences, community, government, economics, sports, and education.

When we say Hispanic, we are not just talking about one nationality or one culture.  Hispanics are a greatly diverse people.  Their culture and linguistic origins are Spanish and Latin American, regardless of race and color.  They may be of European, American Indian, African, Asian, or mixed ancestry, who share historical backgrounds and cultural traditions.

Spanish was the first European language spoken in North America, and today the U.S. is the fifth largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.  In addition to the names of rivers and mountains, there are 2,000 or more cities and towns in the U.S. with Spanish names. The state names of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Montana, and Florida are Spanish.


From America’s earliest days, Hispanic Americans have played a prominent role in our national heritage, and Hispanic Americans continue to embody the pioneering spirit of America today.  Demonstrating a commitment to faith, family, and hard work, Hispanic Americans support our communities and our economy as entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners.  In fact, Hispanic-owned small businesses are the fastest growing businesses in America, representing three million American businesses. Hispanics serve with honor in all branches of the Armed Forces, continuing a strong legacy of dedication to our country that has seen the Medal of Honor awarded to 60 Hispanic Americans.


This year, as part of our celebration, Evolver’s Diversity Council will sponsor a National Hispanic Heritage Trivia Contest, complete with prizes.  A communication about the contest, including the guidelines, will be sent out by the Diversity Council Chairman.


In the spirit of this year’s theme, we thank Evolver’s Hispanic employees for their ongoing contributions to Evolver’s success. Your presence is felt in a very positive way!



Footnote:  NCHEPM consist of Federal Government inter-agency and membership organizations from across the United States.  The organization focuses on improving Hispanic participation in the Federal Government.  For more information on NCHEPM, visit their website at:  http://www.nationalcouncilhepm.org/


…are descendants of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Spain, the Dominican Republic, and other Spanish‐speaking countries of Central and South America.


… represent our nation’s second fastest growing racial or ethnic group. They comprise 18% of the  total U.S. population (2016), or 57 million‐‐ the largest population of Latino Americans and Hispanics outside of Latin America.


… are the youngest of the major racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. with millennials making up almost half of the Hispanic electorate in 2016.

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