Easy Redmine on the Cloud from Evolver

Redmine on the Cloud from Evolver

Application not fast enough?

Concerned about the security of your sensitive data?

Worried you don’t have the latest upgrade?

Tired of hosting yourself?

Choose Evolver for managing your Redmine/Easy Redmine applications in the cloud

Evolver supports organizations of all sizes with Redmine/Easy Redmine in the Cloud.

Focus on your projects and project management, and leave the implementation, management, and hosting of the applications to Evolver.


Reduce your in-house IT resources and cost of hosting yourself

 Fast, Reliable Data Storage in the Cloud


Automatic Software & Security Upgrades


No operational or security risks to your enterprise network

 High Availability

Multiple zones for high availability and faster load times regardless of user location

 Get Up and Running in Minutes

 Expertise in Redmine/Easy Redmine

Our Technical staff has deep knowledge of the application itself, and here for technical support as needed

Contact Evolver by clicking here or call 703.742.4090 to learn more.