Security News Round-Up: Amid COVID-19 Crisis, Fake Vaccines Listed for Sale on Dark Web


Fake Vaccines Listed for Sale on the Dark Web


According to Info Security Magazine, a number of different fake “vaccines” for COVID-19 have been listed for sale on the Dark Web recently. Some have been listed for as much as $10-$15K, with some claiming to have been sent from China and others from the United States. Researchers found 645 listings in total, the article states, for a grand total of $369,000 in value. A single listing offered 10,000 face masks that were claimed to be tested to defend against the virus at a cost of $17,952. These listings pose dangers of convincing people they are immune as well as affect clinical trials that are currently taking place, Info Security says.


Cyberattack Slows Down Colorado Hospital Amidst Pandemic


Parkview Medical Center, located in Pueblo, Colorado, was hit by a ransomware attack on April 21st during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the hospital was unable to store any patient information, says Tech Republic. The hospital was greatly slowed down as it had to switch to paper forms to keep track of key information. Such attacks are vastly more dangerous at this time when hospitals are already overflowing with new patients affected by the virus. Attackers are taking advantage of the situation, the article highlights, in order to hold hospitals and other medical facilities hostage at their weakest points.


Ransomware Targets Critical Firms Around the World

Cybercriminals have shifted their focus to the most key industries around the world at the moment, including healthcare, logistics, and energy companies. Fesnius, a private German hospital network that happens to be the largest of private networks across all of Europe, was struck with ransomware in the past week, says Bank Info Security. Toll Group, a logistics firm in Australia, was another victim of ransomware (Nefilim ransomware, to be specific) and had to take multiple systems offline. Multiple fuel companies in Taiwan were recently attacked as well as hackers try to take advantage of the pandemic raging across the globe and hit the companies that are most likely to pay out the quickest, the article notes.


GoDaddy Reveals Data Breach


Web hosting account credentials of GoDaddy users may have been exposed during a data breach that the company has just revealed took place during October 2019, according to Security Week. The company blocked an unauthorized user from its systems and there has yet to be any reason to believe files were added or removed from any accounts of users, the article states. GoDaddy reset users’ logins just in case and also specified that the incident was unique to hosting accounts, not regular GoDaddy customer accounts. The company is giving those affected a year of security monitoring to protect against any future incidents, Security Week says.


Egg Supplier Hit With Ransomware Attack


A company that supplies eggs in Minnesota has become one of the latest victims of the MAZE Ransomware, Info Security Magazine says. Sparboe Companies fell victim on May 1st, 2020, with the criminal group publishing data in a zip file that contains 17 folders of data. Specifically, current and former employee data, expense and injury reports, inventory, and more, were included in the published information. The company itself, however, has yet to confirm or deny the attack despite its data already being online. Sparboe has been involved in controversy in the past due to the cruelty captured on video towards its chicks, the article notes.

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