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Chip Block featured in Cyber Insurance Article

Chip Block, Vice President, Evolver

Chip Block, Vice President, Evolver


RiskLens recently featured Evolver Vice President Chip Block in a cyber insurance article entitled: Cyber Insurance: Smart Shopping When “Every Policy Is Different” by Jeff B. Copeland [Read article]



RiskLens is a software company that specializes in the quantification of cybersecurity risk, and is a partner to Evolver. RiskLens is the only risk quantification software purpose-built on FAIR, the only international standard quantitative model for information security and operational risk.


Evolver runs large scale security operations centers for government and financial organizations and provides full cyber assessment and technology services for corporations in a variety of sectors.



Cyber Insurance: Smart Shopping When “Every Policy Is Different” by Jeff B. Copeland


In the article, Chip answers these questions:


  • What services do you provide to clients related to cyber insurance?
  • Why the concern about tailoring a policy to fit top risks. Isn’t coverage standardized?
  • Is it a question of paying higher premiums for a better policy then?
  • What’s the trade-off between buying cyber insurance or spending on better cyber defenses?
  • Why buy separate cyber coverage at all?
  • Let’s get down to cases. What advice would you give to companies seeking insurance to cover a data breach of customer personally identifiable information?
  • What about ransomware insurance?
  • So to sum up, what’s your bottom line recommendation on cyber risk insurance?  
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