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Cyber Executives’ Perspective on WannaCry Attacks

Given the recent events with the WCrypt (a.k.a., WannaCry, WannaCrypt, WannaCryptor) attacks, Evolver offers perspective on the current state of cybersecurity.


Evolver Vice Presidents, Chip Block and Dr. Tim Rudolph are frequent speakers and authors of many thought leadership articles and papers on the hot topic of cybersecurity. They offer their opinions on the proper course of action for government regulators and actionable items for organizations to implement immediately.


Both of these cybersecurity experts have extensive experience in designing and implementing comprehensive cybersecurity programs, starting first with quantifying risk, from an insurance perspective, technology investment perspective, and from a vendor management perspective.


Once the overall business risk is calculated, Evolver employs its team of engineers to implement NOC/SOC, penetration testing, assessments, threat management, continuous monitoring, and more.


WannaCry Attack Articles

The Medical Device Concern Comes to Roost: WannaCry Is Just the Beginning

By Chip Block

As many know, Evolver has been working on the security of medical devices for the past few years. I have often been asked “Who would want to attack somebody through a medical device?” Another person said “There are easier ways to kill somebody than hacking into a device at a hospital.” [Read entire article]

The [Cyber] Barbarians Already through the Gates: WannaCry

By Tim Rudolph

Following the recent DNS, Cloud, and other outages, it is clear that mission critical systems are in the cross-hairs, whether using information blackmail or simply to wreak havoc. The continuing WCrypt (a.k.a., WannaCry, WannaCrypt, WannaCryptor) events portend systemic and, unfortunately, more effective threats. Awareness is now rising on the broader cyber threat surface through the most mundane pieces of equipment, never associated with IT systems. [Read entire article]




Evolver Cybersecurity Consultant Ed Peck added “The organizations that were affected got lucky. The attack had a flaw that slowed it down. But, it won’t be long before it is fixed and they will return with a vengeance.”

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