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Case Study: Preventing data leakage using Forcepoint DLP


Evolver monitors, detects, and prevents data leakage through Forcepoint DLP for a financial services client


Data leakage is a complex cybersecurity problem involving the risk of sensitive data flowing within applications of the organization and also the unintended outflow of data, especially sensitive client data.  Proper data leakage protection includes detecting, monitoring, and ensuring that all internal communication exchanges involving client data is performed securely.

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Forcepoint DLP Data Leakage Prevention Cybersecurity Evolver

The Cybersecurity Problem


The client wanted to be more proactive and enhance their ability to detect and prevent data leakage:


»» Attain the ability to identify and prevent insecure outbound transmissions of confidential & sensitive client data.


»» Detect, monitor, and ensure all internal communication exchanges involving client data is performed securely.


»» Monitor user endpoints and ensure that sensitive client information files are not kept locally, as they should reside on an encrypted file server.



The solution Evolver recommended and implemented was Forcepoint DLP to monitor, detect, and prevent data leakage.

The Forcepoint DLP product provides security focused on people’s interaction with data, including in creation, storage, email, web mail, personal devices and cloud applications.


Some features include:

  • incident risk ranking


  • Office 365 support


  • integrated incident workflow


  • Pre-defined policy templates for industries and regulations (including the EU GDPR)


  • Advanced detection and integrated data protection and insider threat security


Forcepoint DLP Access Benefits to Client

  • Client is now able to control all use or movement of critical or sensitive data


  • Implementation of DLP has reduced the risk of information being accidentally released and exposed to virtually zero


  • Client uses DLP to ensure the implementation of corporate policies reaches all employees, on all devices, even if they are working outside the network

Successful Implementation of Forcepoint DLP for Data Leakage Prevention




»» Configured DLP to detect and prevent sensitive client account data being sent out of the organization via email, web uploads, IM, and cloud service clients.

»» Created a process to allow management approval/deny for outbound emails identified with PII data.


»» Automated the distribution of incidents for review and remediation to data owners and business stakeholders without needing to provide access to the DLP management system.


»» Installed DLP components on endpoints to apply DLP controls in Microsoft Office applications.


»» Configured routine scheduled scanning on endpoints to detect and search for PII data that should not be stored locally on a workstation.

As their trusted information security and information technology provider, this financial services sector client turned to Evolver.  Evolver’s expertise in implementation of this data leakage prevention tool greatly improved their cybersecurity posture.


Read more about the successful implementation of ForcePoint DLP in our full case study.

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