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Evolver’s Denver Application Development Team Excels in New Software Applications



Denver Software Application Development Team contributes to the continued success of XLerator for native Excel redaction


Evolver’s application development team is spearheaded by Jeff Snyder in Evolver’s Denver, Colorado office. Snyder’s team of software developers contribute substantially to the continued success of XLerator for native Excel redaction.


Snyder’s team has successfully developed, launched, and supports the legal technology tool, XLerator.  XLerator is both integrated with Relativity (in Relativity’s Ecosystem) and is available as a standalone eDiscovery tool or as part of Evolver’s SaaS offerings.  A legal technology game changer, XLerator reviews, redacts and produces native Excel files.


When asked why the team developed XLerator, Snyder commented, “Evolver is well known in the information technology industry as being both innovative and flexible.


“As an example of that problem-solving mentality, we developed XLerator for one of our financial clients to efficiently redact large volumes of Excel spreadsheets.  When we finished developing this custom tool for them, we realized that XLerator has a broad appeal for in-house counsel and law firms who manage a lot of spreadsheets in litigation.”


First developed over two years ago, with new versions, integrations, and enhancements continually added, XLerator is the high tech solution to the native Excel redaction problem. Evolver thanks our application development team for their continued advancement and support of this tool.


Providing software development across Evolver


Evolver software application development team

Part of Evolver’s custom software application development team demonstrated the XLerator Excel redaction tool at Legaltech New York.

The Denver team is comprised of software engineers from diverse development backgrounds. They support Evolver’s varied and complex software development efforts to our federal, commercial, and legal clients.  Through the development of software and custom applications, Evolver enables clients’ information technology systems to run more efficiently and cost effectively.


The team can be seamlessly integrated working with client in house development teams, or as a complete outsourced option operating out of Denver.


David Hayes, Senior Vice President of Commercial Services said, “By virtue of collaboration with the client, Evolver’s Project Managers, and the Denver software development team, we have been able to provide our clients with a cost effective way for ‘on demand’ software development to meet critical deadlines.”



Evolver is agile and nimble


Evolver is able to manage projects of all sizes for clients of all sizes because of our agile and nimble nature. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the team’s recent smaller side projects. These quick-turn around accomplishments were in conjunction with ongoing work through larger contracts with commercial and federal clients:


  • Consolidated multiple legacy systems into one system
  • Implemented a password manager application
  • Designed and implemented a new architecture across .net applications
  • Performed data deduplication and data analysis of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Migrated data from multiple structured formats into a single structure, and then deduplicated and unitized the data



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