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eDiscovery Needs the Protection of Choice, Cybersecurity, and Order


It seems like an obvious headline, right? However, persistent data breaches and inadvertent eDiscovery failures are becoming more common. Let’s clarify the expectations, abilities, and responsibility that organizations have when it comes to choosing and working with eDiscovery vendors.


Cybersecurity as it relates to eDiscovery is more than just data mapping and keeping track of custodians.  It is about not relying on your outside counsel to select the eDiscovery service provider you will use.



Organizations should choose their eDiscovery provider without having to rely on outside counsel

Your Choice in Service providers

You, the organization should be the one selecting the eDiscovery service provider that meets your needs from a cost, security, capability, and professional interaction standpoint.  This service provider should work for you, not the law firm.  Why have the service provider work for you? The answer is a simple one. There is a greater desire to provide, create, and deliver a better product when the service provider knows there is a potential to lose a client relationship versus losing just one project.


Evolver knows it is not always about the high tech work we can do but that it is really about building a partnership and relationship directly with the organization.  The organization controls the budget, not the outside counsel, so don’t rely on others to tell you how you should be spending your money or who sees your data.

Cybersecurity and eDiscovery

Relying on your outside counsel to give your company and clients’ data to a vendor who might not know the full sensitivity around the data is a risky chance to take. Your organization should have a say in the security around your data and clients’ data.


Not only should you know who has your data, an eDiscovery vendor should have a cybersecurity department. Protecting and making sure the data is secure should always be the number one priority. If your eDiscovery vendor does not have a cybersecurity department, then look elsewhere.


The Order of eDiscovery

Evolver is an end-to-end eDiscovery provider and we know that one misstep in the EDRM process could lead potentially to a costly mistake.


Mistakes are going to happen, make no mistake about it. However, they can be potentially far less costly if you have the proper eDiscovery service provider, who is ISO and Privacy Shield certified, working with your company and not the outside counsel.


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