Evolver End User Support Services

Ensuring Business Continuity and Event Resiliency

A deep bench of experience leading to timely problem resolution
Evolver improves control of assets and investments while increasing customer familiarity
 We make systems easier to use, promoting consistency while meeting and exceeding Service Level Agreements.

Evolver’s Commitment During the COVID-19 Pandemic


As the global pandemic has necessitated social distancing and increased use of IT resources, Evolver has ensured that its ability to manage and deliver services to our clients has not been affected. Our ability to strategize and improve on customers’ requirements has been maintained because of our ability to not only serve the contract, but to assist the customer in their unique needs moving forward.

Customer Care Strategy


Our customer focused processes and product enhancements improve the customer experience, create loyalty, and improve the bottom line. We use a holistic assessment of customer expectations and incorporate these into organizational information technology changes.

To enhance the customer experience, Evolver utilizes a continuous feedback method that collects customer data, compares this to established metrics, refines processes, leverages technology, and optimizes the final processes . Our customer care strategies have generated major operational improvements from both a financial and efficiency standpoint in government, financial, and automotive markets.

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Service Desk Management


Evolver provides full service desk support for enterprises of all sizes. Our cross-trained team of empowered Service Technicians have end-to-end responsibility. This service desk management team addresses customer inquiries and provides security incident response, problem resolution, technical advice, and software user support. We constantly identify new approaches and processes to improve service desk delivery while reducing costs.

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Customer Call Center & Technical Support


Our infrastructure expertise, combined with our experience staffing and operating service desks, gives us the unique ability to quickly and efficiently establish call centers of any size.

We incorporate new approaches, such as cloud and service offerings, into our customer call center designs so they are secure, resilient, and efficient.

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Process Optimization & Delivery


Evolver’s combined expertise in end user support and big data programs enables us to identify customer support process optimization through advanced analytics and analysis.

We collect, analyze, and evaluate the right data. This method provides valuable insight to customer interactions without requiring huge investments in computing resources.

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Customer Interface Applications


Today’s customer and workforce enhancement environment is equal parts client interaction and software development. New applications allow customers to resolve their issues quickly without direct calls to a help desk. These customer interface applications are the most efficient and cost effective end user care approach.

Evolver develops applications to satisfy end user needs that solve their problems while reducing frustrating user interfaces. We also tightly integrate these applications with the service desk features so customers easily move from application-based solutions to human interaction.

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Evolver Print Services


Evolver Print Services (EPS) delivers an all-inclusive, secure print management solution.

We incorporate all phases of print services: procurement, deployment, lifecycle maintenance, and decommissioning. Our comprehensive print services liberate clients from unpredictable burdens associated with the costs of hardware, maintenance, and other consumables. The additional benefit is that we relieve logistical and administrative challenges.

Evolver delivers print services either at a fixed cost or cost plus fixed fee basis. Our predictable pricing meets changing business requirements and helps you plan during rapid scaling or other organizational changes.

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