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Evolver Participates in the FDA Workshop on Cybersecurity of Medical Devices


Dr. Tim Rudolph, Vice President of Cybersecurity and Chip Block, Vice President are attending the Public Workshop – Cybersecurity of Medical Devices: A Regulatory Science Gap Analysis on May 18-19, 2017.
The event is hosted by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in association with National Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology (DHS, S&T). [Read more about the event.] The event is a gathering of medical device manufacturing, hospitals, cybersecurity experts, and government meeting to discuss how to protect medical devices from cyber-attack.


Chip Block, a frequent speaker and author on the topic of medical device security said, “The events of these past few days have brought this critical topic from something that might happen to something that has happened. The timing of this event is fortuitous because we need to address this urgent topic.”

The workshop will examine opportunities for FDA engagement and identify regulatory science challenges, discuss innovative strategies to address those challenges, and encourage proactive development of analytical tools, processes, and best practices by the stakeholder community to strengthen medical device cybersecurity.


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