Evolver’s Chip Block published in The Security Ledger


Chip Block, Vice President of Evolver, and an expert in advanced technology development and cyber research has been published in The Security Ledger. The Security Ledger is an independent security news website that explores the intersection of cyber security with business, commerce, politics and everyday life.


Chip’s column, “Opinion: Toppling the IoT’s Tower of Babel”, November 26, 2014, focuses on the challenges support and incident response staff have in responding to issues because of the inconsistencies in error codes. With the advent of the IoT, this problem will only grow substantially, and Chip recommends establishing standards moving forward.

To view the column, please visit https://securityledger.com/2014/11/opinion-toppling-the-iots-tower-of-babel/#.VHyPRzHF9ql



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