Evolver’s Structured Data Review Platform Adds Global Redaction Capability


eDiscovery and IT services company, Evolver releases version 2.0 of SDreview, its structured data review platform, with time-saving global redaction capability.


Reston, VA – Evolver announced today that it has added global redaction capabilities to its structured data review software. The company has loaded 250 billion lines of structured data from several disparate data bases into the SDreview platform. With such large data sets, the ability to perform global or batch redactions of protected information became apparent. Evolver has now incorporated that capability into the tool with flexible selection of redaction targets and methods.


SDreview was originally developed in 2011 to solve a problem for a Fortune 100 financial corporation. For that project, the client was required to produce data from several proprietary databases to the U.S. Department of Justice. However those databases, contained large amounts of non-responsive data and in many cases, privileged information that needed to be redacted. At that time, there was no off-the-shelf software available to extract data from disparate databases and make them available for review, redaction and native production. Evolver was able to provide a solution with the development of SDreview. The platform delivers structured data for review through a secure web-based user interface, similar to the popular unstructured data review tools used across the eDiscovery industry.


The first version of SDreview allowed for the cell-by-cell redaction of protected information. However, as clients utilized SDreview for various types of data, it became apparent that there was a need to anonymize and/or redact data across entire databases. The global redaction feature of SDreview can replace social security numbers, account numbers or other personal identifiers from financial databases, electronic medical records, HR records, or any structured data set and add customizable placeholders.


“There has already been considerable interest in SDreview with the global redaction capability – not only for eDiscovery, but for various investigative applications, including medical research. By anonymizing the data, attorneys and researchers can access valuable information while complying with HIPAA and other data privacy regulations,” said Michael O’Kane, CEO of Evolver. “Structured data from SharePoint, Salesforce and many cloud-based applications have become key data sources in eDiscovery. SDreview has been a valuable tool for our clients to review structured data in a cost-effective manner.”


The IT/forensic specialists at Evolver are able to collect data from any type of structured data source, from old legacy mainframes, to modern relational databases, content management systems and cloud-based databases. The data is seamlessly ingested into the SDreview platform, processed, and made available for search, review and production. Data analysts deliver granular architecture and data reports prior to ingestion and throughout the process to support culling and review decisions. Data can be culled either prior to or after ingestion by column, row, or keyword hits to reduce costs. With its native production capabilities, production databases can be delivered in SQL, ASCII or custom formats.


Dori Muldowney


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