Video: Federal Agencies Migrate Data and Applications with Cloud SIN 132-40


This quick video shows a simplified path for federal agencies to use when planning to migrate data or applications to the cloud.  The process is further streamlined when using the GSA IT Schedule 70 special Cloud SIN 132-40.


Even before Evolver was awarded this Cloud SIN, we were busy supporting federal agencies’ moves to the cloud. This SIN offering is a more efficient way for agencies to purchase cloud services through Evolver. Additionally, government agencies are taking advantage of the Cloud SIN by combining it with the GSA Labor SIN 132-51 to gain even more efficiencies in having the same service provider.


As a complement to this cloud migration video, we outlined the steps (including more details like public, private, hybrid, government, and community cloud options) in this article: [Simplified] Path to Migrating to the Cloud for Federal Agencies using the Cloud SIN 132-40.


Evolver has been awarded many federal contract vehicles, and has applied innovative solutions for nearly 20 years to government agencies, commercial organizations, and to the legal community. Also, Evolver is recognized as the only eDiscovery services provider on the Cloud SIN 132-40.