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Four Considerations for Finding the Right Client Data Transfer Provider

Drowning in Your Client’s ESI? Wanting to Whittle Down to Key Documentary Evidence?


We work through four key considerations when finding the right provider to transfer and host your client’s data and put you in charge of the facts fast.


Evolver recently assisted several law firms with the migration of hosted data in circumstances that were fairly varied.  The less pressured scenarios involved the need for a provider that would deliver a cost-effective hosting solution pending the two year appeal lifecycle.  The more typical cases, however, are mid-litigation data transfers for law firms seeking consultative guidance. These data sets assist with implementation of high-impact analytics, so that the law firms can successfully prep for motions and trial.


Whatever the reason for data transfer …this process is one that needs thoughtful execution and need not be feared if you have a trusted partner.We sat down with our senior project managers and boiled down the following four key considerations that can help you decide on the right fit and minimize what otherwise could be a burdensome, costly, and risky move.


1. Partnership vs Client

Why it matters and what it really means to have a true partner.


Trying to find the right provider can sometimes feel like a dating game!  They all say and do the right general things, but which one is right for you?   Who will do right by you and how do you judge what they’re saying?  Make sure you ask the right questions and they check off all the boxes and requirements.


At the top of that checklist should be finding a provider with a partnership approach that will listen to your needs, requirements, and expectations, as well as have the experience and references to back up what you need.   Send demo data in advance to see how they deliver on results be it Artificial Intelligence or Analytics.  Consider that a trial date and judge for yourself!  Ask for at least two references who received the type of assistance you’re seeking just to be doubly sure.


Evolver is positioned to address all your data needs and questions.


We understand it is important to find a provider that invests in your organization and works with you before, during, and after the data transfer and that includes transparency of proven results and prior experience.


2. Relativity Capabilities and Flexibility

Will I get what my Litigation Support needs? Can I get my dedicated Relativity? Will I Need to wait to run my own production?


A common concern we hear from clients is being limited in what can be done and waiting to run processes.  Our IT Infrastructure allows us to partition your Relativity so you are not hampered in what your own Litigation Support can do if you retain the reins in key administrative functions.  We pride ourselves in providing you Relativity that you can use without limiting you or delaying completion of productions, projects or processes.  We can scale up and down as your needs require.


3. Privacy and Data Security



Moving beyond results, data security cannot overlooked.  We cannot go a day without reading or hearing something on the news about a data breach. In order to make sure your client’s data and your work product is not at the center of the next data breach story, look for a provider with the right credentials including: ISO 27001, CMMI, and most recently, GDPR compliant. Almost all of these require a long and detailed audit process and evaluation and provide verifiable quality, process, and security adherence to better protect data. We here have been at the forefront of certifications.


4. Cost and Scalability

What is the true cost? And does expensive mean better?


Finding a provider that checks all of the boxes is hard enough, especially when you factor in cost. Many factors go into the cost of transferring data, such as staff time dedicated to the transfer, dual monthly storage fees during transfer, and support fees, among others. This can often lead to hesitancy in switching because of the misconception that transferring data is a long and painful process despite the cost savings and potentially more secure environment. Instead of looking at the short term, a firm should always be looking at the long term benefits.  What will the transfer achieve and are those gains worth it?  In addition, and in the spirit of true partnership, don’t be afraid to negotiate.  We have the ability to scale up and down and adjust your costs accordingly saving your server and IT infrastructure sunk costs.


To learn more about our services, dedicated team and competitive pricing, Contact Us.



Evolver Legal Services offers end-to-end eDiscovery services to law firms and corporations to meet the dynamic demands of today’s litigation. Applying the latest technology and processes, our experts build legally defensible approaches designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing legal strategy. We have a unique combination of legal, information technology, and management experts to develop comprehensive end-to-end solutions that maintain quality and schedule objectives while reducing risk and costs. We are committed to providing our clients with proven results regardless of the size of the case, the size of the data set or the complexity of the project.

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