In Case You Missed It – ILTACON 2017 from this Vendor’s Perspective

Members of the Evolver Legal Services team prepare to give demonstrations of XLerator at ILTACON 2017.

Members of the Evolver Legal Services team prepare to give demonstrations of XLerator at ILTACON 2017.

Now that the leading legal technology educational and networking event, ILTACON 2017, has passed we are taking a moment to recap our ILTA experience in Las Vegas.  Evolver Legal Services team was at booth 724 in the vendors’ exhibition hall, where we talked about our end to end eDiscovery services, cybersecurity, and gave demonstrations of our native Microsoft Excel redaction tool, XLerator.


Here are some themes we saw and heard at ILTACON 2017:


AI is everywhere

Artificial intelligence was definitely the buzzword at this conference (and basically every conference we have attended across all sectors this year).  It will be interesting to see how this huge opportunity to manage data and create new, smarter outcomes will shape our industry and others.


Evolver’s offering related to AI in eDiscovery is where many people begin by sorting through huge swaths of data – using data analytics.  Every day, we run through terabytes of data to analyze, identify commonalities, remove duplicates, and use features like email threading to pinpoint what is really going on.


Automation Is King

One of the many promises of Artificial Intelligence is that data analysis happens automatically. And that concept of automation can be seen in many of the vendors’ offerings, including our native Excel redaction tool, XLerator.


XLerator delivers the functionality and automation that eDiscovery users want. Top features include global keyword search across every Excel document with a direct link to the cell; automatic un-hiding of rows, columns and worksheets; and bulk redactions. Users also can experience various other redaction options such as full cell, targeted, regular expression, among others.



It’s a hot topic because there is no escaping it.  We are all prone to data breaches, hacks, and employee mishaps.  There are a lot of vendors talking about their cybersecurity plans and promises.  We pose two main things to think about:


  • Does your eDiscovery vendor have a cybersecurity department? If they don’t, they should (and we do!)
  • The angle lots of people take is to protect applications and systems. At Evolver, we look at cybersecurity through a risk perspective and associate dollars and cents to the data and applications you have, and helping you make informed decisions on what exactly you should protect (and insure).



No golden handcuffs in software applications


One constant theme we heard at ILTACON was the desire to install a native Excel redaction tool in a variety of ways.  Although there are several Excel redaction tools on the market that can conduct searches and redact Excel spreadsheets, these tools require the use of the provider’s review platform, the provider’s instance of Relativity, and in some cases, jumping from different applications just to run searches and to redact.


XLerator’s installation and setup options are easy and flexible. Our tool for redacting in Excel is available as integrated into Relativity, Standalone, or SaaS application.


  • The standalone and SaaS options are review platform independent, meaning the user can use any review platform, no need to change course if you are happy with your current set-up.
  • The best part of the Relativity integration (in your instance or ours) is that the workflow is not interrupted when performing redactions and searches.  XLerator allows users to seamlessly redact Excel spreadsheets without leaving Relativity (no need to open any other application including Excel!). And best of all, any Relativity instance can use XLerator to perform unlimited redactions across unlimited workspaces.


In addition to litigation capabilities for Excel redactions, we had several people ask us about our global keyword search capability. XLerator’s standalone application is the legal tech industry’s number one resource for conducting global keyword searches across Excel spreadsheets.


Our global keyword search allows the end user to search across all loaded Excel spreadsheets in the system, with either a word or phrase, and XLerator will search across all the Excel documents to find the matches. Sometimes after the global keyword search is complete, the result will be in the user redacting the phrase, but other times, global keyword search helps the user to simply find a phrase they are looking for across many documents in just a few short seconds.


Until We Meet in National Harbor in 2018


In summary, it was nice to see so many familiar faces at ILTACON.  Evolver is an information technology services company first, with deep roots in the legal technology community.  We are, like everyone else, fascinated by AI, and focusing on the tangible element of that now through data analytics.  And we were thrilled to demonstrate to so many people how XLerator can save time and money when working with Excel spreadsheets.  We’re always adding features and functionality to XLerator and we look forward to sharing them with the ILTA community in 2018.


If you are ready for a personal demo of XLerator now, or want to discuss our end to end eDiscovery service or for  cybersecurity or data analytics consultation, please click here to contact us.


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