eDiscovery projects often require a custom approach.

Our development team is comprised of

project managers, business analysts, software architects, designers,

software developers, and software testers.

We are all committed to delivering custom applications and solutions

for the most challenging eDiscovery projects.

We deliver quality and timely results, while being flexible and responsive.

XLerator native excel redaction tool

Review, Redact and Produce Native Excel Files

Structured Data Review

Cull, Search, Review, Redact, and Produce Structured Data from a Web-Based Platform

Project Management Control

Case Management System to improve the efficiency of the workflow and overall communication across the entire legal team.

Benefits of working with our legal technology application development team:

  • In-house development team with a deep understanding of technology AND eDiscovery
  • Extensive experience working with complex and large data sets
  • Unsurpassed customer service
  • Utilize the most current tools and technology for developing software


  • Matter driven custom solutions
  • Consulting to bridge the gap between lawyers and IT departments
  • Custom data extraction and data mining applications for collections and migrations
  • Custom add-ons to industry leading products
  • Support during Litigation Readiness or legal hold
  • Custom data integrity technologies for production quality control

Demo XLerator for Native Excel Review and Redaction
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