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XLerator is a native Excel redaction tool.

It’s a smart application with a simple interface.

XLerator is available as a standalone application, SaaS, or integrated with Relativity.

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Latest upgrades to XLerator:  

bulk redactions applied across all files and mass operations.

records management excel files xlerator

Web-Based Tool

Focus on your project, leave the IT hosting and management to us

processing excel files xlerator

Works with Any Review Platform

Also integrated with Relativity

automated redaction of duplicates

Automated Redactions of Duplicates

Review a single Excel file and apply redactions to all duplicates

excel redactions with XLerator

Many Options for Redactions

  • Bulk redactions (NEW!)
  • Full Cell
  • Targeted
  • RegEx
  • Inverse
  • Global

global keyword search excel file xlerator

Global Keyword Search

Find and redact the same keyword across all files anticipated for review

Full audit history excel files xlerator

Full Audit History

Applied to all files (includes issue tagging and privilege reason)

Review, Redact, and Produce Native Excel Files

What people say about XLerator

“I was very impressed by the XLerator demonstration. I especially liked the following features:

  • “Find and redact”
  • Replace all duplicative Workbooks

And, I’m glad to hear that the Redaction Endorsements are user defined. I believe [XLerator] would be a great tool for our firm to have.”Paralegal

“I absolutely loved XLerator! I had never used the product before this, so I definitely was floored by it. It was very easy to use and convenient for redacting the confidential data. Amazing! Your help and training was also easy to understand. Thank you for everything.”Paralegal

“There’s a growing demand in the eDiscovery market for tools like XLerator to efficiently manage native Excel files.  XLerator’s integration with Relativity fits seamlessly into users’ normal review workflow. This extension of our platform adds a valuable function that enhances the user experience.” –  Perry Marchant, Vice President of Engineering at Relativity


XLerator can also be used to respond to FOIA requests, mergers and acquisitions, third party requirements, and other privileged requests.


XLerator is best used when there are many Excel sheets to review, especially those industries that rely heavily on Excel files like construction, pharmaceutical, and financial services.


After the input of the files is complete, we deduplicate files, search terms are entered, then redaction occurs and the result is redacted native excel files with those redactions automatically applied to all files.