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Data security is our state of mind.


We’ll be on site at Legaltech 2018 all week.


 Visit Evolver at Booth 126


Let’s set up a time to talk in between sessions. 


Evovler Legaltech 2018 Xlerator

Our sophisticated approach applies to every service we offer and every eDiscovery or security project we manage. Our legal technology team will be on site to discuss:


XLerator for native Excel redaction. See a live demonstration of this powerful tool.


End to end eDiscovery








Managed Services


IaaS, SaaS, PaaS

xlerator native excel redactions


Native Excel redaction with global operations.

Whether the project has five spreadsheets or 5,000 plus, XLerator’s scalable functionality saves time and money while greatly improving accuracy.



evolver ediscovery legal tech 2018

End to End eDiscovery

Oversight, reporting, and data security.

Partnering with you on the most simple to complex matters while meeting deadlines, controlling costs, and managing risk at every phase of the project life cycle.




Augment in-house capabilities or work closely as consultants with outside counsel.

SOC audits, risk assessments, penetration testing, multi-factor authentication,  and monetary risk quantification for better protecting data and lowering risk.




Big changes are heading your way. We help in preparing you for compliance.

Discuss the new GDPR regulation as it relates to data collection, data security, and rights to be forgotten as we all prepare for the May 2018 deadline.



evolver overflow ediscovery work

Overflow work

Is your staff overloaded? Is that new project outside of your scope?

Our Associated General Counsel/Relativity Master along with our project managers embrace unique, complex, and extra large matters.



evolver cloud hosting


We host infrastructure, applications, and large data sets.

Outsource your data storage, applications, and infrastructure in a scalable shared/public, private, or hybrid cloud solution. Hosting options include PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS.



Evolver, Inc. provides scalable technology solutions to Federal, commercial, and legal sector clients.  At the heart of our work is infrastructure and data security and we deliver services around these through cybersecurity, End to End eDiscovery, specialty redaction capabilities, hosting, managed services, custom application development and more.


Evolver is delighted to exhibit at Legaltech New York in 2018.  As one of the largest and most important legal technology events of the year, we look forward to meeting legal professionals who are interested in: furthering their end to end eDiscovery efficiency, managing data security and cybersecurity, and streamlining their native Excel redaction projects through XLerator.


We’re excited to be on site so that attendees can have an in-depth look or an insightful conversation about things we have mutual passion for: complex litigation, GDPR , overflow work, native Excel redaction, the EDRM, and cloud hosting.


Legaltech is the perfect opportunity for the legal technological world to see products that benefit their practice, secure their data, and improve accuracy and efficiency.  Evolver’s staff of application developers, legal technology personnel, and GDPR experts will be at Booth 126 to meet you and discuss your plans for 2018 in person.

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