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Case Study: Outsourcing WordPress Environment to AWS


Increased security and attention brought back to core business by outsourcing WordPress in Evolver’s AWS environment


Evolver is a recognized Amazon Web Services (AWS) Standard Consulting Partner and Channel Reselling partner.  [Read more]  We apply our deep knowledge of cybersecurity to our cloud services planning and capacity to provide secure resource management.

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Outsourcing Wordpress on AWS - Evolver Case Study

The problem Evolver’s non-profit sector client had was in managing their WordPress infrastructure in AWS.  They were experiencing an increased resource burden of managing the application internally as well as major security concerns.



Evolver’s solution included setting up a new environment for the client in our AWS environment.  This included enhanced cybersecurity features and management through our  managed services solution.

Outsourcing WordPress to AWS Benefits to Client

»» Enhanced cybersecurity, management, and monitoring of their WordPress environment by outsourcing to Evolver’s managed services


»» Security and monitoring at application and network layers to withstand intrusions and attacks


»» More time to focus on their organization’s key objectives rather than management of WordPress


No longer responsible for the:
»» uptime of the virtual compute infrastructure in the cloud and the the secure network routes


»» upkeep of the security rules that govern access to the AWS environment


»» staffing of WordPress experts to maintain the application core and plug-ins


»» Discount on their AWS subscription fee because Evolver’s AWS Partner Network Reseller agreement

Evolver provides end-to-end support for client’s WordPress infrastructure including the application stack and the core infrastructure:


» Linux-based Virtual Machines

» Cloud Network

» Network Layer Security

» Application Layer Security



» Evolver configured security and monitoring both at the application layer and the network layer to ensure client’s WordPress site can withstand external intrusions and attacks using our experience with industry security tool sets:


» Intrusion Detection & Prevention

» Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

» Monitoring and Alerting

» Access Controls

» Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

» Firewalls

» AWS’ security framework

» Evolver overlaid additional monitoring tools into the AWS environment so as to enhance the security and reporting above and beyond what is provided by AWS.

As their trusted information security and information technology provider, this non-profit sector client turned to Evolver.  Evolver’s innovative cloud and managed service solutions  improved their security and saved them time.


Read more about the successful implementation of outsourcing WordPress to AWS in our full case study.

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