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Case Study: Predictive Analytics for Capacity Planning


Predictive analytics tool transformed capacity planning process


Evolver’s automotive sector client was having difficulty with their manual, antiquated capacity planning for services within their auto dealerships. They needed a new browser-based software tool to analyze how many customers and cars they could service within their local markets in comparison to their increasing local market sales.

Application Development and Predictive Analytics Solution


Evolver built, hosted, and supported a predictive capacity planning tool that gathered data from dealerships and calculated the point at which a dealership would run out of capacity or begin losing service market customers due to facility, staffing, or scheduling limitations within the dealership.

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predictive analytics application development evolver

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Predictive Analytics Benefits to Client

»» Visualization into relationship between capacity, market share, and sales.


»» Dealers can see when and what they should plan for in order to be able to meet their local service market demand.


»» Corporate level and dealerships are now proactive about their capacity planning. They can find ways to improve their share of the local service market months or years in advance before capacity problems or limitations cause a negative impact on their business.

Highlights of the Evolver Automotive After-Sales Capacity Planning Tool


»» Evolver’s custom application development team built, hosted, and supported a new customer software solution (using SQL, .net and Windows) to handle the capacity planning nationwide for all client regions and dealerships.


»» The tool uses predictive analysis on over 75 components including service bays, square footage, number of certified technicians, service hours, etc. so the client can adjust their capacity to their corresponding local sales market.


»» Dealerships enter data through the tool and then their corporate and regional personnel assist each dealership with their future capacity needs based on dealership infrastructure, market conditions, and corporate planning models.


»» The capacity tool’s specialized reporting and graphs identify a point in time when a dealership’s market may exceed their service capacity. This high tech prediction allows the dealer to make preparations to avoid delaying or turning away potential service customers.

As their trusted custom application development provider, this large automotive client turned to Evolver.  Evolver’s expertise in application development and predictive analytics created a visualization into the relationship between capacity, market share and sales.


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