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Top 7 Questions about XLerator for Redacting Native Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets



Since we launched XLerator, we have met hundreds of litigation support and eDiscovery professionals, attorneys, general counsels, and paralegals who are captivated by the efficiency of redacting Excel spreadsheets in a native format.  During the course of our private demos, webinars, and interactions at trade shows like Legaltech, we noticed a pattern of questions emerging.


To that end, we offer the answers to the top 7 questions about XLerator when redacting Excel spreadsheets.


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1.      What are the installation options for running XLerator?


We call this the “your place or ours” option. A key component to our success in application development is our flexibility and availability. [Watch video]


We have these options for installing XLerator, the native Excel redaction tool:


Relativity integration options:

  • Within Evolver’s Relativity (using our eDiscovery services) in which case XLerator is included in the servicing fees
  • Within in-house counsel or law firm’s Relativity instance (behind your firewall or controlled environment)
  • Third party Relativity service provider’s instance or controlled environment (under the service provider’s agreement with Evolver)


Independent from review platforms:

  • Software as a service (SaaS) behind Evolver’s firewall
    • This option is great in the case of one-off projects or immediate needs
  • Standalone application behind in-house counsel or law firm’s firewall
  • Standalone application behind eDiscovery service provider’s firewall



XLerator Native Excel Redactions Relativity FAQs


2. Is it true that Excel redactions can be propagated across duplicates?


Yes, redactions can be propagated across all MD5 exact duplicates.  Since there is often a short turnaround time, we made the review and redaction process super-fast and exponentially more accurate than trying to redact duplicates by hand (especially with different reviewers).


3.      Are there any size limitations on files that can be uploaded into the system?


XLerator allows for very large file size to accommodate the largest of spreadsheets, with a 350MB per file max (!).  If you have something even larger than that, please don’t hesitate to ask about your special situation.


4.      You mention “ease of use.” Can you explain what you mean by that?


The history of spreadsheet review and redaction is filled with pain and suffering (read 5 Spreadsheet Redactions Headaches and How to Relieve Them).  A primary feature of XLerator is taking away the entire imaging process.  With our high-tech redaction tool, there is no need to convert native Excel files to PDFs or TIFFs prior to redaction.


Gone is the need for reviewers to natively launch Excel files and expand hidden content.  XLerator has completely automated expansion of hidden content.


XLerator can also be built-in and integrated within Relativity so the XLerator features are at your fingertips and you never have to leave the Relativity environment.  Your workflow no longer needs to be “open Relativity, click on Excel, launch MS excel and then return to Relativity.”  Instead, XLerator uses the files that are loaded into Relativity within your viewer so it is a seamless and highly efficient process.


5.      Are there any non-redaction related benefits in using XLerator?


Yes, expansion of hidden content can facilitate much faster review of Excels with hidden content.  Currently, reviewers have to launch Microsoft Excel and view the Excel file in native mode such as hidden content files, expand all hidden content and then navigate back to Relativity’s document viewer to code in the layout.


With XLerator the expansion is near-instantaneous and the reviewer can code as they do any other document without needing to launch, and return, from native mode.


6.      Where is the data stored?


The answer to this is once again:  “your place or ours.”


Excel redactions, review and production data can be stored in the following ways:


Your (or your service provider’s) Cloud:  Private, Hybrid or Public (including AWS, Azure, and many other cloud storage providers)


Our Cloud:  Private, Hybrid or Public using our cloud storage facilities (in addition to having relationships with several trusted cloud providers, Evolver also runs Relativity on AWS).


7.      How does XLerator pricing work?


Relativity Integrated

  • Your own Relativity instance within your controlled environment: Month to Month or Annually
  • Although it is not required to be an end to end client, when Evolver manages your cases, we include XLerator integrated with Relativity in the overall package



Independent of Review Platform

  • Standalone deployment within your controlled environment: Month to Month or Annually
  • SaaS model is per month per project



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