Security News Round-Up: Maze Ransomware Targets Defense Contractor


Maze Ransomware Targets Defense Contractor

Defense contractor ST Engineering’s subsidiary, VT San Antonio Aerospace, has become yet another victim of Maze ransomware, according to Bank Info Security. ST Engineering does contracting within the maritime, defense, aerospace, and smart city realms, the article notes. The company is continuing operations and has expressed the belief that it is an isolated incident that has now been contained. The hacking group stated that they’ve stolen 1.5 TB of data from the firm, already beginning to list samples of the data on their own data leak site. Defense company Westech International has fallen victim to the group’s attacks recently as well.


Ransomware Infects Knoxville, TN

On June 11th, cybercriminals hit the city of Knoxville, Tennessee with ransomware. According to Info Security Magazine, no financial or personal information was affected by the attack. However, it is not yet clear what information was affected. The amount of the ransom demand has also not been revealed by officials. The 4:30am attack resulted in the city shutting down systems in efforts to isolate the infection, the article notes, using backup servers in the meantime. The attack has given technical challenges to the city’s emergency services. Police are unable to make a large number of crashes between vehicles as well.


Honda Believed to Have Been Hit With Ransomware

Honda’s European network has suffered an IT attack, says Info Security Magazine, which is believed by researchers to have been Ekans ransomware. While the company has not yet discussed the possibility of ransomware, some researchers went as far as posting evidence online of code that checks to see if the site was hit by Ekans. Even a ransom note aimed at the company was posted on the web, the article states. The company has had cybersecurity issues in the past as well, with its American network exposing more than two million customers’ data.


Canadian Exercise Equipment Giant Breached

A Canadian exercise equipment giant by the name of Fitness Depot was hit with a data breach involving its retail website, going back to February of this year. After discovering the incident on May 22nd, says Dark Reading, the company paused operations on the website and began investigating. Shoppers who ordered items to be delivered to their homes between February 18th and April 27th were likely involved in the incident, the article states, along with those that requested home delivery or placed a pick-up order between April 28th and May 22nd. The information exposed is believed to include names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and credit card numbers used for the purchase.


City in Alabama Pays Ransomware Attackers

Florence, Alabama was hit with DoppelPaymer ransomware on June 5th, says an article from Info Security Magazine, knocking their email systems offline. The company hired a security firm who negotiated the ransom payment down to 30 bitcoin ($291,000) from 38 bitcoin ($378,000). However, the company has yet to discover with certainty what data was stolen by the hacking group, the article notes. While not confirmed, the attack is believed to have been executed via phishing attempts. Additionally, the group successfully carried out attacks on four other victims within a mere hour of the Florence attack, Info Security says.

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