evidentiary media redaction tool

New eDiscovery service: redaction tool for evidentiary media


Veritone® is a cost-effective way to manage and analyze large amounts of unstructured evidentiary media


Media files, whether they be audio or video, are a universal pain point in eDiscovery.  Increasingly, evidentiary media needs to be reviewed and redacted. In the past, most parties agreed not to process and load multimedia files due to size and lack of ability to review within common eDiscovery review tools.



However, with voicemail messages associated to emails and video embedded within Word and PowerPoint, the legal tech industry can’t ignore multimedia files any longer.  The current standard for reviewing evidentiary media is that the reviewer will have to open these multimedia files natively and use the computer’s local player to review these file types. It is a one-off effort that is very time consuming and severely interrupts the review workflow.



Evolver offers a fix to this industry wide problem through our partnership with Veritone®. Artificial intelligence technology from Veritone cognitively processes audio and video files, enabling Evolver and its clients to search, review, and redact multimedia files.



Veritone works for our clients in two ways.  For our Relativity users, they now have the ability to review all of the ingested multimedia files within Relativity (right along with their other documents) having a complete repository of relevant data – all in one review tool.



And for our non-Relativity users, the complete Veritone aiWARE™ platform is available as a standalone tool that renders every second and frame of audio and video content searchable for things like words, phrases, faces, sentiment, and objects. It can produce an index of the processed data within minutes – a process that as recently as 2015 could take thousands of hours.



The user no longer has to download locally and use local media players. Veritone offers users the ability to automatically transcribe files into text based documents (if you need translation support it can do that to). Users can search, review, and redact these multimedia files without having to open a single file locally. Quick. Seamless. Automatic!



“We’re pleased to work with Evolver to enable its users to enrich audio and video files that have previously been largely unusable in litigation and proactive compliance,” said Mike McDonald, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Veritone Legal. “Evolver is one of the latest companies to partner with Veritone to revolutionize the legal industry by adopting its innovative and unique AI-based processing and search technology to afford a secure, scalable, and cost-effective means for augmenting and managing media.”



Bruce Markowitz, Vice President of eDiscovery at Evolver said, “Veritone is the latest addition to Evolver’s eDiscovery offering that showcases our commitment to making eDiscovery more efficient through innovative technology solutions.” Markowitz continued, “Managing evidentiary multimedia files has been complex and time consuming, and our partnership with Veritone allows our users to do it more intelligently and efficiently with AI.”



Veritone enables Evolver users to:

  • Transcribe, Translate, and Redact Audio and Video Files
  • Index, Search, and Analyze Multiple Media Formats
  • Access a Simple, Secure, and Scalable AI Platform
  • Engage in Proactive Risk Analysis and Compliance



About Veritone
Veritone (NASDAQ: VERI) is a leading artificial intelligence company that has developed a unique platform, aiWARE, which unlocks the power of AI-based cognitive computing to transform and analyze unstructured public and private audio and video data for clients in a variety of markets, including media, politics, legal and government. The open platform integrates an ecosystem of best-of-breed cognitive engines and powerful applications, which are orchestrated together to reveal valuable, multivariate insights. aiWARE delivers unprecedented insights by unlocking data from linear files such as radio and TV broadcasts, surveillance footage and public and private content globally. To learn more about Veritone, please visit Veritone.com.

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