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Reflections of 30-year Career in Technology Innovation


IT Executive offers his reflections on technology innovation, its failures, and spin offs over the past 30 years.


Evolver VP Chip Block has been racking up the frequent flyer miles and enjoying in-flight WiFi. On his recent trip home to Washington, D.C., from a speaking engagement in Los Angeles, he penned these reflections about the technology industry.


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In the article: Lessons Learned After Thirty Years in the Innovation Business, Chip explores innovations like iPods and Google AdWords, along with failures like Netscape and WordPerfect. He then throws in a little bit of government regulation, the effect of the internet, and brings to light the concept of human interaction. All of these ideas and more round out the top five lessons in innovation he’s learned over the decades.


Excerpts from his article:

As technologists, we have a tendency to believe that good technologies also have to be complex and we discount the value of shared experiences among people. For many technologies, the true innovators saw a human interactive world, not a technological interactive world, and leveraged this into greatness.


And also this one:

I sometimes wonder if we should put more stock in science fiction than technologist’s writings. I remember such statements as:

  • “the next great business is webpage bookmark services”
  • “RSS will eliminate email”
  • “nobody will ever need more than 128K in memory on a computer” (my personal favorite)


And to sprinkle in a bit of fun, read the article to see what he has to say about emojis.


One reason Chip wrote this article is due to his participation on ACT-IAC’s Igniting Innovation committee. Igniting Innovation is designed to recognize the best ideas and solutions to solve important problems and showcase those ideas and successes, especially as it relates to government and technology. ACT-IAC’s Innovation award ceremony is scheduled for April 26, 2017.  Chip was honored as ACT-IAC’s Individual Contributor of the Year in 2016.