Relativity Fest XLerator on stage 2017

Reflections on Relativity Fest 2017 – Including Finalist for Innovation Award

RelativityFest 2017 Booth
Jeff Snyder, Director of Software Development and Bruce Markowitz, VP eDiscovery stand ready to demonstration Evolver’s native Excel redaction tool, XLerator, at Relativity Fest 2017.

Evolver Legal Services maximized the Relativity Fest experience in the October 2017 event in Chicago.  Representing the Evolver team at one of the best legal technology events this year were our Relativity Certified Administrators, project managers, and our Relativity Certified Master.


Additionally, Evolver’s VP of eDiscovery and our Director of Software Development hosted many Relativity users at our kiosk where we demo’d our native Excel redaction tool, XLerator.






XLerator – Relativity Fest 2017 Innovation Award Finalist



A true honor for us at Relativity Fest was having XLerator named as a Finalist in the Innovation Awards for Best Service Provider.  XLerator was the number one native Excel redaction tool at Relativity Fest.


Xlerator tweet at relativity fest

Our Relativity Certified Administrators took a few moments to share their observations of Relativity Fest 2017:


Relativity Fest is a well-organized event which has grown throughout the years, where there are tremendous opportunities for networking with fellow Relativity users. Fest also gives you an idea on where the realm is trending with crafted solutions and newly developed applications.



  • RelativityOne continues to be emphasized as the cloud-based solution of the future. They strongly focus on the idea of the customer not having to worry about upgrading or other infrastructure issues that can arise from the on-prem model.


  • The industry continues to move more towards A.I. and computer/machine learning to help streamline review. A.I. is an up-and-coming space in eDiscovery that will help reduce costs by having reviewers review far less amounts of unresponsive data and be able to focus more on responsive content geared towards their case.


  • The industry also continues to move towards analytics (like what Evolver does with data analytics). Much like A.I., the proper use of analytics does help cut down the responsive review set a team has to look out and can help find/group/categorize subsets of related documents more easily than a traditional linear review.


  • Relativity continues to update other features such as ECA, Collection, and Processing as they try and move towards an end-to-end eDiscovery product with the ultimate goal of never having to leave the software.




As Evolver continues to combine its technology base with its solid eDiscovery professionalism, we are confident in our approach to end-to-end eDiscovery as a partner, rather than a vendor. We were so glad to meet Relativity users from so many different organizations and to learn more about this powerful platform.  The event was fun, energetic, sophisticated, sleek, and extremely well organized. We look forward to Relativity Fest 2018!

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