Video: Three Surprising Results of Cyber Risk Quantification


More and more corporations and federal agencies are beginning their cybersecurity planning and implementation with a cyber risk quantification.  This process identifies assets, understands threat communities, defines the loss event, and determines the financial impact of a data breach.   Click here to read our recent article “What is involved in cyber risk quantification?


cyber risk quantification videoIn this short video from Evolver, Inc., we uncover three surprising results of cyber risk quantification.  The process involves an entire agenda including activities like: scope clarification, analysis orientation, loss table discussion, data gathering for asset resiliency, and threat event frequency and much more.


As the topic of cybersecurity takes center stage in many Board of Directors meetings across the globe, cyber risk quantification can be a helpful tool to have a conversation where all parties are speaking the same language, and the process is frequently not as hard as it was anticipated to be.


A cyber risk quantification is a logical first step in an organization’s cybersecurity planning, with benefits:

  • Relates cyber expenditures to board level executives
  • Conducts ROI analysis
  • Informs insurance policy evaluations
  • Streamlines vendor management


Evolver applies the Factor Analysis Information Risk (FAIR) model to determine quantitative risk for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The FAIR model is an internationally recognized standard for quantitatively modeling information and operational risk. We are have certified FAIR analysists and are certified by RiskLens to perform cyber risk quantification for businesses and organizations of all sizes. We utilize RiskLens as the tool to quantify risk.


Cyber risk quantification is the first step in Evolver’s cybersecurity ecosystem. After a risk quantification, we determine how you can reduce and transfer the risk through cyber insurance or our various cybersecurity services:

  • Cyber assessments
  • Policy reviews
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • SOC operations
  • Monitoring tools
  • Technology refresh
  • Threat management


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