Security News Round-Up: Florida Health System Fined for Breaching HIPPA


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Florida Health System Fined for Breaching HIPPA


Jackson Health System, located in Miami, is being fined nearly $2 million for a HIPPA breach. As stated by Security Week, the breach included the loss of 1,500 patients’ protected data and occurred in 2016. The health system was also found to have two unauthorized employees access patient records in 2015 as well as another employee gain access to more than 24,000 patient records while also selling stolen information as far back as 2011, Security Week says.



Man Sentenced to Prison for 145 Months Over LA Court Hack


A 33-year-old Texas man by the name of Oriyomi Sadiq Aloba was sentenced for 145 months after hacking the LA Superior Cuort (LASC), according to Security Week. After hacking into the system in 2017, Aloba sent somewhere around 2 million malicious phishing emails. Of those who received one, hundreds responded with login credentials. Additionally, he used his access to steal credit card numbers of hundreds of people as well, says the article. While co-conspirator Robert Charles Nicholson of Brooklyn, New York will be sentenced on the fourth of November, three other people involved have yet to be discovered and are located somewhere outside the United States.



Discovery of Healthcare Organization Hack Took Three Years


Mission Health, located in North Carolina, found malicious code on its e-commerce site after it was there for three years, says Bank Info Security. The code had been sending any entered payment information to attackers from March 27th, 2016 to June 26th, 2019. The company notified those affected on October 11th. According to the article, the affected website was used for consumers to purchase health-related items. Data that was stolen includes names, card numbers, CVV numbers, expiration dates, and addresses.



Ransomware Hits Italian Citizens


Info Security Magazine recently revealed that a musical form of ransomware has been spreading across Italy. The ransomware encrypts the files of victims while simultaneously playing German rock music. To spread it, attackers disguised a malicious email attachment as invoices, document scans, and resumes and after users click, a Visual Basic script file downloads to their computer. Once the encryption process is complete, a note directs victims to visit a website to find out what to do next. The music that plays during the encryption comes from the band Rammstein.



Johannesburg Struck With Ransomware for the Second Time


Johannesburg, South Africa, was forced to take e-services and its website offline due to a ransomware attack, according to Dark Reading. Shadow Kill Hackers, a group of cyber attackers, were behind the attack—breaking into the city network. The hackers claim to have a massive amount of sensitive financial and personal information that they will release online if they do not receive four bitcoin ($30,000) by October 28th. Five banks in the area have also been having connectivity issues that are thought to be a part of the incident. Johannesburg was also hit with ransomware in July of this year when attackers hacked their power provider.

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