Evolver is committed to making eDiscovery more efficient for clients by leveraging data analytics whenever possible. Applying analytics to most of their new Relativity cases helps clients organize large document sets, visualize their data to uncover trends, and quickly identify key information in the face of strict deadlines. This short video highlights some of the benefits of the high tech approach to litigation using data analytics.

data analtyics in litigation evolver



Evolver has achieved kCura’s Relativity Best in Service status for the second straight year. As an authorized partner, Evolver’s legal services team provides an exceptional Relativity experience for end users and deploys Relativity in both private and public cloud environments.



With a strong foundation in information technology, Evolver has extensive experience managing large data sets using Relativity during eDiscovery, investigations, and compliance projects.




Evolver has been serving the federal and commercial sectors for nearly two decades.

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