Video: XLerator Installation (Including Relativity) | Native Excel Redaction



As part of our recent post: Top 7 Questions about XLerator, the native Excel redaction tool, we put together this peppy explainer video describing the installation options for our legal technology game changer.  If your case involves spreadsheet redaction, XLerator is an ideal eDiscovery tool to help your process run efficiently and accurately.


In about 30 seconds we describe these options for installing XLerator:XLerator integrated Relativity video


XLerator installation options



Relativity integration options:

  • Within Evolver’s Relativity (using our eDiscovery services) in which case XLerator is included in the servicing fees
  • Within in-house counsel or law firm’s Relativity instance (behind your firewall or controlled environment)
  • Third party Relativity service provider’s instance or controlled environment (under the service provider’s agreement with Evolver)



Independent from review platforms:

  • Software as a service (SaaS) behind Evolver’s firewall
    • This option is great in the case of one-off projects or immediate needs
  • Standalone application behind in-house counsel or law firm’s firewall
  • Standalone application behind eDiscovery service provider’s firewall



Ready to discuss your Excel redaction needs? Our application development team and our business development team join together to offer private demos using screen sharing technology. During demonstrations of XLerator, we show how easy the product is to use (like never having to leave the Relativity environment if you’re using it), as well as the many redaction options, de-duplication, keyword searches, and handling RegEx expressions like PII.  The 30-minute demo also covers how we handle large file sizes, hidden content, and installation options.  We take time to discuss your current and future cases involving review and redaction of Excel spreadsheets.  And of course, we demonstrate how much more efficient XLerator is than imaging, and how much more accurate it is using the power of technology over several individuals making redactions by hand. 


Click here to schedule a private XLerator demo now.


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