Review, Redact and Produce Native Excel Files with XLerator

Evolver Legal Services announces the release of ‘XLerator’, a web-based tool used for redacting and producing Excel files natively.


Reston, VA – September 9, 2014 – Evolver Legal Services, an eDiscovery and managed services provider, today announced the availability of ‘XLerator’, their web-based tool for managing Excel files. XLerator allows reviewers to redact privileged and confidential information from Excel files and produce them natively.


XLerator provides a highly efficient, alternative solution to the current industry process of redacting Excel files as images, a process that fails to provide an accurate depiction of the information contained in a native file, and may not comply with production requirements between parties.


“Innovation and continuous process improvement are two core values at Evolver. We incentivize our employees to identify opportunity and develop solutions that deliver added value for our clients,” said Mike O’Kane, CEO at Evolver. “XLerator is another example where a creative application of technology to an existing process provides our legal services clients a more efficient method for managing their Excel data.”


Highlights of XLerator

  • Independence from any review platform
  • Full audit history of redactions applied to excel files
  • Formula calculations are replaced as values to enable content of formula representation without disclosure of calculation
  • Various options for redactions allow the user to preform full, targeted, and global text redactions across any size range.
  • Evolver’s Excel ‘Lockdown’ is a delivery option which provides a read-only version of the native excel produced
  • Significant time and cost savings compared to traditional redaction methods

To learn more about Evolver’s XLerator, call 703.742.4090.


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