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Zero Trust Expert Stresses Importance of Categorizing Datasets

As more emphasis is placed on Zero Trust Architecture throughout government agencies and private companies, we’re seeing more discussions on Zero Trust approaches that are practical, cost effective, and proactive on preventing breaches and intrusions.

The move toward Zero Trust as a fundamental principle is coming all the way from the upper echelons of regulatory authority, including the White House.

FedScoop recently published comments from Robert Holstein, a Zero Trust Architect within the Bureau of Labor Statistics, speaking at CyberScoop’s Zero Trust Summit. Holstein described the modern Zero Trust approach as focused on the ability to “inventory and have the visibility and analytics to identify your datasets….Without the visibility and ability to sort through that [data] and categorize it in a meaningful way, you’re going to spend a lot of money and a lot of time on whether to protect it or not.”



Evolver’s Data Pillar First strategy for implementing ZTA follows this line of thinking. We determined that categorizing, managing, securing and controlling data is actually the initial step in a zero trust journey.  Our toolset and processes are specifically developed around this approach.

You can learn more about the Evolver Data First strategy for Zero Trust Architecture here.

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