Data Protection for Schools: Protecting Students from Escalating Attacks

Today’s school systems are under attack. This year alone, over 22 school districts and over 499 schools have been shut down and/or had sensitive student data stolen and shared by cyber criminals.  

Increasingly, the large pot of valuable data stored on school servers has become a honeypot for criminal theft. In the summer of 2023, the Minnesota Department of Education disclosed a data breach that impacted as many as 95,000 students’ information, including personally identifiable information (PII), such as names, addresses, and social security numbers.  

In the wake of increasing attempts, the amount of data stored by schools is also on the rise. The advent of educational technology tools and online learning platforms has increased the volume of data collected by K-12 schools. This data may include academic records, assessment results, attendance logs, and even behavioral information.

Schools also often maintain financial records, including payroll information, budgetary details, and payment records. These financial data are highly sensitive and attractive targets for cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities. 

Traditional network and device security are clearly not working.

Evolver has a better approach: Galaxkey, a secure software to encrypt and transfer data without the risks. Even in the face of a cyberattack, cyber criminals will not be able to access securely stored and shared information.

The data focus approach ensures the security of valuable assets, independent of the storage network or device. No matter where the data goes, only those intended to access will be able to access it. If a file is encrypted and shared between teachers, counselors, parents and students, Galaxkey ensures that only those individuals can read the file. This approach increases data security and ensures protection against cyber theft

The Evolver/Galaxkey solution represents a fortified approach, encrypting and and transferring data while greatly diminishing risk. In the event of a network or device security breach, cyber criminals are unable to access securely stored information.
This level of data security is no longer a nice to have for one of the most important populations in our society.

Data protection is a necessity for all organizations entrusted with the handling of students’ personal data. Learn more about the latest on the front of school cyber defense and see an overview of the Galaxkey tool in our upcoming webinar on June 22. Registration is free of charge.