Recent News

Evolver announced that it is one of the recipients of a $500 million 10-year blanket purchase agreement by the Department of Justice. This contract, focused on engineering and enterprise IT services, marks a significant milestone for Evolver Federal.
Evolver announced the establishment of Evolver Federal, specializing in cybersecurity and IT transformation solutions for government agencies. The newly structured Evolver Federal combines SBD's expertise with existing Evolver delivery capabilities for federal customers, marking a significant strategic move and heralding an exciting transition into 2024.
Evolver is one of the 2023 NVTC Tech100 honorees, recognized for their pioneering contributions to the technology landscape. NVTC recognized forward-thinking companies and top executives propelling innovation and economic growth in the region. 
ELS is proud to introduce a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize data mining during incident response. This AI-enabled solution is crafted to empower cyber lawyers, cyber insurance providers, and legaltech solution platforms.
Ideation Solutions' alignment with NIH’s IT goals underscores their role in enhancing agency’s research initiatives with secure, reliable, and responsive IT systems.
The combination of SBD and CSS’ Evolver creates a robust, well positioned, and highly competitive IT modernization solutions provider.

Case Studies & Articles

In its latest policy paper, Evolver describes an innovative method for meeting the latest increase in regulatory requirements by building in policy enforcement through existing tools and applications.
Sophistication in office technology brings great convenience, but also increases complexity in the realm of eDiscovery, particularly when determining where to host sensitive data.
In today’s interconnected digital landscape, decision makers face an ever-increasing risk of data theft and security breaches. Safeguarding valuable data has become a paramount concern for organizations of all sizes.
Decision makers face an ever-increasing risk of data theft and security breaches. Join us for an information session delving into data security protection and cyber risk.
Evolver built, hosted, and supported a predictive capacity planning tool that gathered data from dealerships and calculated the point at which a dealership would run out of capacity or begin losing service market customers.
As the process of organizing data ahead of M&A becomes more digitized, there are several key questions a firm will be challenged to address when considering data in particular. Here are five of the most crucial as defined by our Evolver Legal Services experts.