Protecting Data to Avoid the Next MOVEIt Attack

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, decision makers face an ever-increasing risk of data theft and security breaches. Safeguarding valuable data has become a paramount concern for organizations of all sizes, from public agencies to private businesses. To empower the professional cyber community in meeting these challenges, we present our upcoming webinar on the critical role of data protection in a security framework.

Nowhere has the threat of overreliance on network and device security been made more clear than with the recent MOVEIt data breach, which has affected hundreds of thousands of individuals across several large organizations. Our fact sheet on the event is available below.

Evolver recently had an informational discussion on the importance of securing data to avoid more MOVEIt style attacks.  We discussed:

  • Making your organization a bad target for attackers
  • Building data security into your existing tools including Outlook and Cloud Storage
  • Automating regulatory compliance through data security
  • Addressing sensitive data handling including personal account data, health records and international data sharing

We also presented Galaxkey, a security platform that prioritizes data protection through advanced encryption techniques.

View the discussion and our explainer on MoveIT on GoToWebinar.