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Evolver provides eDiscovery solutions and legal technology services to clients every day, skillfully integrating and supporting new technologies, and supporting hundreds of attorneys on hosted eDiscovery projects, large and small. We are committed to providing you with accurate, defensible solutions – regardless of the size of the case, the size of the data set or the complexity of the project.


Empower your legal team with our comprehensive eDiscovery solutions. From forensic collection to final production, our experienced professionals guide you through every stage, leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet your deadlines and uncover crucial insights. With us, navigate the complexities of eDiscovery securely and efficiently..

Simplify your incident response with WatchtowerAI from Evolver. Say goodbye to error-prone manual processes and legacy eDiscovery software – our purpose-built solution ensures accurate data mining, swift identification, and seamless notification, all tailored for the demands of incident response. With WatchtowerAI, save time, minimize costs, and meet critical deadlines with confidence.

Elevate your legal processes with Evolver’s Managed Services. From secure hosting of legal workflows to customizable infrastructure, our scalable solutions streamline costs while offering full control over the EDRM lifecycle. Experience the flexibility of public, private, or hybrid environments, coupled with self-service options tailored to meet the unique needs of corporations and law firms.

Evolver's New AI Enabled Solution Designed for Data Mining During Incident Response

At Evolver, we understand the pressing challenges organizations face when it comes to identifying sensitive information and promptly notifying relevant parties in the event of an incident. The current manual processes are not only time-consuming, but also error-prone, leading to unnecessary costs and delays. This is where WatchtowerAI emerges as the ultimate purpose-built solution for data mining during incident response.

Capabilities Details


  • Forensic Collection and Preservation
  • Processing
  • Analytics
  • Hosted Review
  • Managed Document Review
  • Production

Incident Response

  • Simplify incident response with WatchtowerAI.
  • Ensure accurate data mining and swift identification.
  • Seamlessly notify relevant parties.
  • Save time, minimize costs, and meet deadlines confidently.

Managed Services

  • Secure, dedicated hosting
  • Public, private, or hybrid environments
  • Customizable infrastructure
  • Shared applications
  • Control over EDRM lifecycle workflow

Other Capabilities

  • Assessments and Audits 
  • Record Retention Policy 
  • Information Governance
  • Privacy Review 
  • Legal Hold Operations
  • Training Programs

We speak your legal language

Our seasoned professionals specialize in providing comprehensive eDiscovery and legal technology services tailored to your needs. Whether you’re navigating through massive data sets or tackling intricate projects, our team is here to ensure accurate and defensible solutions every step of the way. Partner with Evolver today and experience the difference expertise makes in your legal endeavors. Talk to experts who understand your challenges and speak your language.

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