Evolver Becomes a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner


Evolver, Inc., today announced that it is now a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner. Evolver can now offer clients Relativity – the flexible, easy-to-use e-discovery platform. Relativity is built for a seamless review process, with the ability to set up automated workflows and customize the application to meet unique case needs. Additionally, Relativity Analytics provides advanced text analytics tools that give users the ability to group documents with similar content together during review, to increase review speed and save clients time and money.


The combination of robust project management and technical expertise at Evolver and Relativity’s proven technology ensures the delivery of an extremely powerful and effective capability for e-discovery processing, review and production.


“We are delighted to adapt Relativity as part of our complete offering of eDiscovery services,” said David Hayes, Vice President of Evolver. “Relativity delivers a flexible review platform that allows law firms and corporations to review and manage their data more efficiently.”


Evolver’s partnership with Relativity is designed to bring our clients a best-in-breed solution custom-tailored to each project’s specific requirements. By bringing the platform in-house, Evolver is able to further streamline its processes from early case assessment and filtering up-front to processing data and storing it directly into Relativity without the delays of pushing data across the internet or couriering hard drives.


“We are thrilled to count Evolver as a Premium Hosting Partner,” said Andrew Sieja, President and CEO of kCura. “Evolver’s project management expertise combined with Relativity’s advanced technology is a powerful solution for clients.”


Accelerated review with Relativity
Relativity has the power to handle the industry’s largest and most complex reviews, as well as everyday matters. It is a complete, scalable and easy-to-use review platform that provides image and native file review; powerful searching capabilities, including concept searching and clustering; an interface that is customizable between users and groups; diverse coding options; flexible workflow capabilities; integrated productions; and Unicode and foreign language support.


Benefits of Relativity Include:

  • Accelerated review through Relativity Analytics
  • Improved insight into case data via Relativity Pivot
  • More consistency in review decisions by visual indications of related documents
  • Increased productivity by customizing the application for the individual
  • Multi-party collaboration through the building and maintaining of ethical walls
  • Repeatable and defensible process impacted by case templates and audit trails
  • Reduced costs through native file viewing technology and TIFF-on-the-Fly capabilities
  • Complete production management
  • Complete Unicode and foreign language support


Evolver provides comprehensive e-discovery solutions to law firms, government and corporate legal clients. Evolver also offers Information Management services that enable government agencies to more efficiently ingest, process, store, and access documents and data in a secure environment.

Evolver has been serving the federal and commercial sectors for nearly two decades.

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