Security News Round-Up: 60,000 Peoples Genealogy Data Leaked


60,000 People’s Genealogy Data Leaked


A misconfigured cloud server is the culprit behind a data leak affecting 60,000 users of Family Tree Maker, according to Info Security Magazine. Email addresses, system user IDs, geolocation data, technical information, and support messages were all amongst the exposed details. The owner of the data, Software MacKiev, has also been put at an additional risk due to data related to the system’s functions being exposed. This gives way for a number of follow-up cyberattacks, the article notes. Previously, the server has belonged to Ancestry.com, Mattel, and others.



Cybercrime Has Targeted More Than Half of Canadians


According to Info Security Magazine, new studies from Ryerson University show that cybercrime has affected 57% of Canadians. Ransomware and accidentally downloaded malware were amongst the most popular ways in which the crimes took place amongst the citizens. Following behind are data breaches, hacked online accounts, and malicious spoofed websites. The survey included 2000 Canadians in May of this year, the article notes. These findings, as the researchers have stated, highlight a dire need for the nation to enact policies for protecting the security and digital privacy of its citizens.



Critical Infrastructure Operators Become Major Targets


Both the NSA and CISA have highlighted industrial control systems and a number of OT systems as urgently needing to be secured by critical infrastructure operators, says Security Week. The concern is growing over foreign threat actors carrying out cyberattacks that target these systems, with systems becoming more vulnerable with the shift to remote work taking place. Spearphishing, ransomware, and taking advantage of programmable logic controllers that are internet accessible were all included in the agencies’ statement as attacks to watch out for.



Garmin Falls Victim to Ransomware


Garmin, a company that produces smart watches and other GPS and fitness devices, has been hit with ransomware. Garmin.com and Garmin Connect were stated as being affected in the incident, according to The Hacker News, along with the company’s call centers, email, and online chat messages. With the company’s worldwide operations affected, they were led to shutdown Garmin Express and Garmin Mobile—both connected services. While not yet confirmed, cybersecurity experts believe that the incident was likely carried out using WastedLocker ransomware, the article states.

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