End User Support Trends In a Remote Work Environment

As the global pandemic has necessitated social distancing and increased use of IT resources, a “new normal” is setting in for government agencies and businesses of all sizes. Regardless of the state of the economy, organizations are struggling to maintain a positive remote workforce user experience while delivering a highly reliable, secure, and easy to use set of IT services. Throughout all this, requirements for customer assurance and quality interaction have not diminished. In fact, these requirements may be heightened.


Evolver has responded to these challenges heroically and ensured that our customers are able to deliver great services to the users and mission functions they serve. Our ability to quickly and innovatively adapt and improve the end user experience is a tribute to our delivery teams’ knowledge, insight and success in working with our customers to implement responsive and progressive change.  .


We believe that successful businesses rely on their IT organizations toremain focused on their unique end user-focused systems, including requires:


  1. A business partner that can ensure service delivery and business continuity
  2. A business partner with experience that adapts to complex IT needs and embraces new technology capabilities
  3. A business partner committed highest quality service delivery and backs this up with effective communication and follow-up for both end client and IT management
  4. A business partner who is not only proven in integrating best of breed solutions but who also has well-defined process that leverage best practices (ISO and CMMI) as the basis for service delivery



Evolver’s End User Support Expertise

Evolver specializes in the development of enterprise solutions, implementing innovative enhancements through operational analysis, continual service  improvement, application and systems integration. Today’s IT environments demand stable remote, secure access that are easier to use and promote consistency across the organization while exceeding Service Level Agreements. Our systems include the following benefits:


  • integrated processes for maximum cost efficiency
  • improvement to overall organizational responsiveness
  • external responsiveness to customers and internal responsiveness for workforce
  • quicker and timelier problem resolution
  • increased customer intimacy

Next Steps


Read about Evolver’s previous experience in providing full-system end user support services. In this example, a US federal agency needed to increase contact center efficiency for more than 300,000 customers. Evolver provided a systemic assessment and a solution to measure operation performance improvements, exceeding SLA requirements, reducing average wait times, and improving the efficiency of training new hires.

In a quickly-changing landscape, it is not only recommended to evaluate your need for end user support vendors, it may be necessary for your continued operations. Evolver technical experts are available for a consultation on your unique requirements and potential solutions. Contact us today.

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